ScrapEden: Recycled Public Art


In the tradition of their recycled architecture as art masterpiece, the Scrap House, the interactive public art pioneers at Black Rock Arts Foundation are set to again create art from recycled and reclaimed materials. For three months starting in early June, Black Rock Arts Foundation is teaming with local park groups and artists to create ScrapEden, a plan to reuse common landfill materials in San Francisco into three area park art installations. Casa de la Imagainacion, a children's play area made from discarded construction materials, milk cartons and bicycle tires, Sol Flor, a mosaic made with found materials, and the Panhandle Bandshell (artist's rendering above), a performance stage made primarily from car hoods, all aim to raise public awareness about waste, consumption and reuse. The Panhandle Bandshell, for example, is expected to draw small non-amplified performances through the summer. While there, spectators can scope out the 75 painted car hoods that create the shell of the structure, circuit boards that decorate the support arches, and the back wall made from plastic water bottles lighted with solar-powered LEDs. If you find yourself in San Francisco, make sure you set aside time to catch a performance at the Bandshell, let your children roam at the Casa de la Imaginacion or picnic on the mosaics at Sol Flor. ::Black Rock Arts Foundation

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