Scott Amron's Fruitwash Label Solves Huge Design Problem

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Someday those clever genetic engineers will design an apple with the bar code bred right into the skin, but until then someone has to tell the checkout person that is is a Mackintosh or an Empire or even that it is an apple. Designer Scott Amron, who never ceases to amaze with his endless progression of crazy ideas like the Keybrid, Brush & Rinse and my alltime favourite, Die Electric offers up the Vanishing Fruitwash Label to solve this intractable problem that has challenged designers forever.

Instead of peeling off the label and sticking it on your kid's nose or whatever you have done with it in the past, you wash the apple and the label dissolves into an organic fruit cleansing Produce Wash that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria. No need to buy produce wash (although I didn't know there was any need to buy produce wash) and no need to worry about the landfills piling up with mountains of produce stickers.

My favourite rabbinical quote is "my life was blessed, because I never knew I needed something until I had it." Scott Amron is like that: I never knew I had a problem until he discovered it.

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Scott Amron's Fruitwash Label Solves Huge Design Problem
It has challenged designers since the invention of the bar code: What to do about those stupid little labels?

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