Schwimmhausboot: A Green Modern Floating Home

schwimmhausboot model photo

Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann of design firm Confused Direction have designed a lovely floating home. it is ecofriendly, too, with zero-emissions, a green roof, and materials such as 250 year old larch wood salvaged from an old farmer's shed.

More beautiful pics after the jump.

schwimmhausboot window photo

schwimmhausboot interior photo

I was taken in by this architectural model, it looks so real, but there is one under construction.

schwimmhausboot under construction photo

Justin says it is 14 meters long, 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, it will have a spacious living room with kitchenette and a bathroom on the lower level, a sleeping loft and a 'veranda'.

Images from the Schwimmhausboot website, via Materialicious

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