Schwartz: Recycled and Ecological Stationary

Schwartz 2.jpg

Well predictably at two weeks into the New Year my resolution to be more organised in 2006 hasn't quite taken effect yet. Being organised takes a lot of effort, it also means doing things like filing — arrrghhhhh — so boring! So it was with great effort that I made it to the stationers this week to pick up some filing bits and bobs and look what I found! Schwartz, who do a very smart line in recycled stationary. It was at this point that I forgot all about the filing and began thinking about the aesthetics of filing — my inner designer always wins over my inner organiser! Schwartz is a family run company based in Barcelona. They enlisted architects to design their products with architects in mind, although they useful for everyone. We really like their clean, minimal aesthetic. The folders, files and containers are made from recycled paper or recyclable polypropylene. I was also pleased to note the intro on their website. They are quoting great eco-inspired literature - Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities no less: "Convinced that every innovation in the city influences the sky's pattern, before taking any decision, Andria's habitants calculate the risks and advantages for themselves and for the city and for all worlds." Well if anything is going to inspire me to do some filing that certainly will, I have to admit I haven't got around to yet, although my new Schwartz files do look very smart sitting on my desk! ::Schwartz