Saved From the Trash: An Omnivore's Dilemma

The formula that one man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure gets a new twist in our present situation: rescuing stuff from the trash isn't just about re-gifting free and interesting curios to ourselves (or turning it in for cash, like in China), but about the peace of mind that comes with reducing waste. That buzz of rescuing stuff from the trash grows even greater when the stuff itself is green. Today, while passing a garbage can on 63rd and Park Avenue, I happened upon a perfectly good copy of Michael Pollen's The Omnivore's Dilemma, the book about the impact of food on the world that everyone has been telling me to read. I'm not sure what it was doing there, but I know this: from excess waste to energy crunches to unsustainable food, so much is redeemable.

What treasures have you found lately? Post details and locations in the comments below--or send blurbs or photos to alexp [[@]] treehugger[[]][[.]]][[]] com.

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