"Save Fish, Eat Chips" and More Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas from DesignMarketo (Photos)

an apple a day calendar© DesignMarketo

DesignMarketo is the place where you can find truly unique christmas gifts, for hipsters with a conscious who appreciate fresh designs from small and local productions! I had the pleasure to see the real things at Gallery Otras Cosas here in Barcelona, but if you can't find a pop-up store near you, just go online! Here a selection of the coolest and greenest for this season.

Vegetable Light

Vegetable Lamp from Designmarketo© DesignMarketo

This minimal lamp uses a heavy vegebtable as its base. Be creative: choose the veg that mosts suits your table deco and later eat it. Designer Peter Marigold recommends yams, celeriac and swedes.

"An Apple A Day" calendar and fruit bowl in one

an apple a day fruit bowl flatpack© DesignMarketo

Minimal fruitbowl that let's you eat away the days to keep the doctor away... very clever and stylish (top image)! And totally flat-pack, made from biodegradable materials.

JACK chopping board

JACK chopping board from Designmarketo© DesignMarketo

The natural beech chopping board comes in 5 different colours inspired from food stains: pomegranate, carrot, black grape, basil and spinach.

"Save Fish, Eat Chips" Tote Bag

save fish eat chips, tote bag© DesignMarketo

The perfect gift for vegans! First designed by Alexandre Bettler for the V&A Village Fete in 2005.

“Grow Your Own” organic t-shirt

grow your own, organic t-shirt© DesignMarketo

100% certified organic and fair trade cotton t-shirt by the Front Yard Company.

In Vino Veritas tablecloth

In Vino Veritas by DesignMarketo© DesignMarketo

This is one way to archieve durability for a tablecloth... making sure that it becomes better over time. The beautiful pattern in the white cotton tablecloth is revealed as the wine is spilled.

For more gift ideas, visit DesignMarketo.com.

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