SatoriLab Lighting: More Than Just Neat Lamps From Discarded Materials (Photos)

Lamp From Discarded SANYO Electronic Components - Photo

Computer shell turned into lamp. Photos: Satori.

The result of a new workshop by SatoriLab, these cool lamps were designed and produced by design students with discarded cosmetics and computer materials donated by brands like SANYO and Natura.

But before you think this is just another case of recycled crafts pilling up, think again: designer Alejandro Sarmiento and journalist Lujan Cambariere organize these activities to push design students to face creation responsibly, making them reflection about materials and waste, along with abstract themes such as light in this case.

Lamp From Discarded Cosmetics Materials - Photo

Lamp from discarded cosmetic bottles.
Lamp From Discarded Plastic Parts - Photo

Lamp with plastic parts.
An article at Pagina 12 newspaper explains a little more about SatoriLab's work:

"What most interests the duo is to charge this discipline with meaning. And, at a unique age, to leave students with more questions than answers. (The goal is to) put them in a critical position before the materiality they handle, consumption, new technologies, and, above all, before the values or lack of values proposed by the world we live in."

With all these ideas in mind, the latest project was to explore light, obscurity and all the meanings of both elements. The result were these lamps, which are exhibited at the design store of Malba Museum until the end of December.

Lamp From Discarded Cosmetics Bottles - Photo

Alternative design with cosmetic bottles.
Robot-Shaped Lamp From Discarded Materials - Photo

Robot-shaped lamp.

Although it's clear that making stuff with discarded materials is definitely not the solution to the problem of waste (industries should take responsibility for their waste and consumers should do a lot before recycling), this practice takes a whole new meaning when it's charged with content and reflection, and aimed at the kids that are going to be designing the world of tomorrow.

The lamps are also very cool and have a smart approach to the scraps. Who would have thought than a CPU shell could make such a neat lamp?

Lamp From Discarded Plastic Straps - Photo

Another with plastic straps.
Lamp From Discarded Plastic Straps - Photo

A closer look.

More on SatoriLab's work at their website.

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