Satin Finish: Green Local Wood Floors

With all of the hype for bamboo as the greenest floor, it rarely has a chain of custody telling how it was grown or harvested, it is glued together at high temperature using fossil fuels and often formaldehyde glues and is shipped all the way from Asia. Compare that to this hardwood flooring from Satin Finish:
-FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) woods;
-formaldehyde free low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finish that is non-allergenic and anti-microbial;
-100% biodegradable or recyclable;
-sawdust and offcuts are used for heat for the kilns or turned into BioOil and used to power the mill, with the excess power (enough for 2500 homes) exported to the grid;
-an engineered floor system that uses 30% less lumber than solid floors;
We usually run from products that use cute kids with flowers or plants in their advertising; it is almost a universal symbol of greenwashing. In this case, the product has the goods to be called green. ::Satin Finish available in Canada and some US states.