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In the never-ending quest to find green products that are as environmentally responsible as possible, but that also don't look like a four-year old made them, sometimes the going can get rough. That's why it took two sassy ladies from LA to come up with the perfect greeting card called Hard Cards. Here's a sample: (Warning: These cards are not for the thin-skinned and can be a bit randy!) Cover: "On Your Birthday, for the person who has everything, I got you nothing." Inside: "Let's be honest, you don't really have everything. I'm just broke."

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Owners Randi Rulayne Picarelli and Stacy Leigh Rifkin wanted cards that said how they (we) all actually feel sometimes. Sometimes things aren't okay. Other times you just can't fake it any more when asked if that baby is cute - they all look the same. And forget about congratulating us for topping our birthday cake off with one more candle - we all know we're getting older and that just means more aches and pains. Even if you are a glass half-full kinda person, these cards will definitely make you, and the recipient, laugh. They just might think you have a sense of humor after all.

Romance, Baby, Birthday, All Occasion - they've got a card to cover you, no matter what you're trying to say. In need of a little pick me up? Why not just head over to their website and browse the cards til you find one you like. You won't get in trouble for browsing cards here and you're sure to be LOL'ing in no time.

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But here's the best part: the cards are made from 100% post consumer waste - so no trees were cut down in the process, no chlorine, bleach or acid was used and they're definitely more personal than an e-greeting. no offense. The designs are modern and trendy, no weird babies on the cover or floral scenescapes for these gals. The envelopes also come in recycled paper, so don't fret, and they use soy ink for all of the printing. All of the cards are made in the USA by local designers and printers, and 5% of all sales go to support charities and local causes.

You can find the cards online or in boutiques across California. Each card retails for $3.50USD. :Hard Cards
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