Sarah Wigglesworth Attacks UK Government's Attitude To Design

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TreeHugger fave Sarah Wigglesworth goes on the attack:

At the recent free schools conference, Michael Gove said: "We won't be getting Richard Rogers to design your school. We won't be getting any 'award-winning architects' to design it, because no one ... is here to make architects richer." The Con-Dems don't mind bankers getting richer, but demonise architects as freeloaders....

In the hands of talented architects and good clients, design can make places more pleasant to be in, improve absenteeism and ill-health and most importantly, make communities proud. These things are hard to quantify, but Gove, the zealot of localist ideology seeking a soft target to blame, counts the cost of everything yet understands the value of nothing. He should remember that design is at the heart of the problems he attempts to address.

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