Sara Wigglesworth's Straw House


Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till experimented on themselves; their home/office in Islington is a catalogue of green building materials. It is a self-build (UK term for be your own contractor) "intended to encourage others toward experimentation." The architects used simple, easy-to-learn techniques to "challenge the notion of expert. Materials were selected on the basis of a set of criteria including embodied energy, recyclability, transportation distances and toxicity."

It all looks pretty expert to me.


Sandbags: a technique developed in response to the office's proximity to the noise of trains on the main railway line 4 metres away;


Straw: a waste product from farming, this both the substance and the surface of the north walls and those surrounding the bedrooms.

::Sarah Wigglesworth Architects
via ::Architechnophilia and ::Scratching the Surface