Sao Paulo Office Building With Green Walls by Triptyque

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Triptyque has built an office building in Sao Paulo that proudly wears its services on the exterior with a very industrial aesthetic, but is also full of planted "pores", complete with a misting system. They write:

"Like a living body, the building breathes, sweats and modifies itself, transcending its inertia. The walls are thick and covered externally by a vegetal layer that works like the skin of the structure. This dense wall is made of an organic concrete that has pores, where several plant species grow, giving the facades a unique look."

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"In this great machine, where the rain and soil waters are drained, treated and reused, a complex ecosystem is formed within the local. This ecosystem is a multifunctional universe made of several interconnected machines. It’s a zone of multiplicity, where meanings and actions float between the unsaid, resulting in dynamic entities."

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"Its insides are exposed in the facades while the interior spaces are well finished with clear and luminous surfaces, as if the construction was inside out. The pipelines that serve the whole building – as well as the pumps and the water treatment system – are showing in the exterior walls, embracing them like veins and arteries of a body."

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Love the shutters. ::Dezeen via ::Dwell

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Sao Paulo Office Building With Green Walls by Triptyque
"Like a living body, the building

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