Sans Parapluie Turns Old Wardrobes into Pieces of Art

Refurbished Wardrobe by Sans Parapluie Photo


Funny how with a touch of creativity, an old piece of furniture can not only come back to life, but also become a valuable work of art. This is the goal of Sans Parapluie, a line by Argentine artist Lucas Rise.We've seen many pieces of furniture refurbished with excellent taste before, even in Argentina: Livin Pop and Raval Warehouse are some examples.

But Lucas Rise's work goes far from that: it's not just about recycling, but about creating a whole new universe for the object.

Refurbished Wardrobe by Sans Parapluie Photo

'Nigeria' model.

Refurbished Wardrobe by Sans Parapluie Photo

'Japanese garden'.

And, Why wardrobes? "I like the verticality of wardrobes and the interaction one can have with them in their tridimensional shape. They're like habitable places", says the artist.

Even the ecological part of the recovery process (avoiding the pieces to go to the trash or keeping you from buying new furniture) is not Rise's main motivation, the artist says he does have a deep respect for wood and a conscience about the importance of recycling.

Refurbished Wardrobe by Sans Parapluie Photo


Refurbished Wardrobe by Sans Parapluie Photo


Apart from admiring Rise's beautiful work, these pieces can give you some ideas to give a whole new meaning to your own furniture and things laying around at home.

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