Sancal's Natural Collection; Good Furniture Locally-Made in Spain (Photos)

valencia desig week Sancal photo

Image Credit: Sancal

Located in Murcia, south-east Spain, Sancal is one of the few furniture companies still left in the country that manufacture locally and have not taken their production elsewhere where labor is cheaper and regulations often weaker. Their main material is FSC-certified wood as well as other natural materials. The pieces are hand-made but they don't look it. This season's theme which they presented at the Valencia Design Week is the beehive pattern. Here my favourites from Sancal's Natural Collection.TAB by Nadadora

sancal tab stools photo

Image Credit: Sancal

The shape of these stools is inspired by 'trobos', a Spanish word that describes beehives made ​​from hollow logs, commonly seen in the North of the country. The base of Tab is made of a curved chestnut sheet.

PAULI by Nachacht

sancal pauli wal rack photo

Image Credit: Sancal

Inspired by the pieces of a Meccano game, this wooden wall rack changes shape depending on what hanger you use.

FOLK by Rafa García

sancal folk sofa photo

Image Credit: Sancal

Nice to see a design that stands up againts minimalism, and at a competitive price. The company explains: "According to the Postmodern architect Robert Venturi, 'Less is a bore' but, for us, more is sometimes better. More backrest, softer, more wood, smaller, rounder, more comfortable, more detail, more practical and more popular."

TEA by EstudiHac

sancal tea panel bed photo

Image Credit: Sancal

Hexagonal quilting is what gives these chairs, sofas, beds and decorative sound-absorbing panels a playful air. I like the oak legs and the colour combinations.

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