Samuel Moyer's Hello Furniture


Samuel Moyer is out to change the way we look at modern furniture. His work offers an interesting contrast between old and new, minimal modernism and organic warmth. Working with reclaimed wood, he takes the over 100 year-old relics of another time and introduces them to the 21st century. We're liking the looks of the Evening Sideboard; the black walnut and chestnut used to construct the piece were salvaged from a barn near Upper Black Eddy, in Pennsylvania. As with many reclaimed wood projects, there is a richness and subtle story behind this piece (and many others in his "Hello Collection") that gives it an air of subtle sophistication. Says Mover, “I love to use wood with a prior life. The wood leads; if you study it long enough, it will reveal what it must become." Each piece is made by hand in downtown Los Angeles. ::Samuel Moyer Furniture via ::Designspotter

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