Salvaged Tree Trunks Transformed Into Unusual Tables


Image: Nickadoo Tree Trunk Tables

There´s a lot of wood furniture around these days that´s parading as green: the wood always seems to come from sustainable forests, which can be dubious. I´ve written about some recent products that do a lot to evoke nature but aren´t totally clear on how they protect it. But I´m very impressed with the work of Nicole Belanger, the Quebecer behind Nickadoo Tree Trunk Tables, which are exactly what they sound like.The tables are made from the trunks of trees from a Quebec forest, which have either fallen naturally or have been cut by local lumber companies. The trunks, instead of being discarded, are cleaned (without chemicals), sanded, hand-polished and then spend a few weeks in a kiln to dry. Once the legs (made of wrought-iron or chrome) are attached, the table is ready for your living room.

In an e-mail to TreeHugger, Belanger wrote:

From the selection of the logs to minute details of the design process, each decision is important to me. The hands-on work is a joyful process that begins, I believe, with respect for the forest and the trees that are its memory.


Image: Nickadoo Tree Trunk Tables

As good coffee tables should be, the Nickadoo tables are the right height for putting your feet up. But if you can swing your heels out of the way, take a moment to really look at the wood- you can count the rings of the tree that once was. As Belager says, "its age and the history of its life are written therein." Awesome, but only if you live in Canada- Nickadoo only delivers within the country.

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