Salvage Montage: A Journey Into A Discarded World

catia da silva adhocism photo bench

images by Catia Da Silva

Adhocism was defined in 1973 by Charles Jencks as "the art of living and doing things ad hoc- using materials at hand, rather than waiting for the perfect moment or "proper" approach. As a principle of design, it begins with everyday improvisations, such as bottles for candle holders and tractor seats on wheels for dining chairs."

Catia Da Silva is a master at adhocism, "incorporating play and experimentation into the design process in hopes of encouraging a resilient model of consumption and industrializa- tion." An example is this bench made from old billboard plywood, one piece in a collection called "Salvage Montage: A Journey Into A Discarded World."

catia da silva adhocism photo skateboard chair

A stool is made from old skateboard decks, "designed so that it can be put together or taken apart easily to express the culture's need to flee a place quickly." It is essentially held together by gravity.

catia da silva adhocism photo tire cushion

The tire cushion can be used alone or stacked to various heights. Catia says she was inspired by the Campana Brothers' Transneomatic Bowl.

Catia tells us:

The underlying intent of the work is to show what can be done with salvaged or discarded material. To show that it can be aesthetically pleasing while re-adapting it's function. I focused on household objects because I felt they were items that people can easily relate to and use on a regular basis. I am hoping to alter people's perception of materials by taking these ordinary items and designing them using salvaged/discarded materials.

catia da silva adhocism photo lamps

Thanks to the development of cooler compact fluorescent bulbs, lamps can be made out of just about anything, including detergent bottles and chip bags.

catia da silva adhocism photo garden

All of this work was prepared for a graduate thesis at the Ryerson University School of Architecture in Toronto. Like the best of adhocism, it combines humour, style and a lot of what otherwise would be garbage.

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