Salty Egg Cups by The Home Project


We featured The Home Project’s cork speakers on TreeHugger before but have a look at these curious egg cups, perfect to display and eat this year's Easter eggs. Salty Egg has re-shaped the Portuguese tradition of selling boiled eggs out of a plate filled with salt into an everyday contemporary object. The salt conserves the eggs and keeps them from smelling badly. Inspired by this tradition, The Home Project turns it into a series of beautiful objects. The crochet technique builds a structure for salt to crystallize. The result: an egg cup made from pure white salt crystals. The Home Project describes it as a sustainable product so we assume the material that is crocheted is a 100% natural one, which would make these egg cups fully biodegradable.

Unblossom is a saltcrystal bowl by the same German designers, giving traditional doilies a contemporary look and second use.

Via: Matteriashop ::The Home Project