Ryan Frank's New Cork iPad, iPhone, Kindle + Laptop Sleeves for TAPE (Photos)

TAPE cork ipad sleeves photo

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Apple fans must be rubbing their hands, and flexing their touch screen ready fingers, in anticipation as the iPad launch date swiftly approaches - April 3rd in the US. Predictably there will be an avalanche of accessories to go with your beautiful new iPad and we at TreeHugger will be doing our best to direct you towards the most eco-friendly designs. First up to the plate is our favourite South African designer Ryan Frank who has produced a funky range of cork sleeves for not only the iPad, but also for any of your other mobile gadgets too, iPhone, Kindle, laptop and even for your old school vinyl records!
TAPE cork laptop sleeve photo

UK Collaboration
Ryan Frank has designed the range of cork sleeves for UK independent record label TAPE. The collaboration started out last year with TAPE commissioning Ryan to create a quirky new record sleeve which he duly made, in his distinctive utilitarian textured style, from cork. Naturally this project lead on to designs for iPhone and laptop sleeves and now of course to versions for the Kindle and iPad.

TAPE cork record sleeve photo

Cork Ideal for Protecting Gadgets
The cork sleeve range is manufactured in East London from FSC certified fabric backed cork with a custom stitched edging in a selection of colors. Ryan tells us that "The softness of the natural cork makes it an ideal material for covering iPads, laptops, MP3 players and phones. The base material is super light weight and exceptionally durable giving maximum protection to personal devices."

Local Production
We love the simple aesthetics of these sleeves and we're delighted that Ryan chose to use eco-friendly and easily recyclable cork. The cork is responsibly sourced in Portugal helping to promote the declining cork industry and local craft. More green points have to be awarded for the sleeves being produced in the UK, reducing transport impacts and helping to support local manufacturing industries.

TAPE cork iphone sleeve photo

Sleeve Dimensions
iPad Pouch: 252/190 mm
cpu Pouch: 425/290 mm
iPhone pouch: 130/88 mm
Kindle Pouch: 205/140mm

Ryan Frank's cork sleeve range is available to buy from TAPE online

Via Ryan Frank
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