Ruda System: 30 Cool Pieces of Furniture in 13 parts


Photos: Courtesy of Rodrigo Valdivielso.

We're always talking about how much we love the less is more concept and furniture that can serve small spaces by adapting to different uses. Well, Rodrigo Valdivielso's Ruda System fits that sweet spot where looks, function and adaptability combine.

It's a 13 parts system to assemble different pieces of furniture, which can give about 30 different configurations, according to the designer. That number, however, is open: as there are no metal parts or fittings involved, the user is able to make as many different combinations as imagination allows.

Check the cool looks in the extended.Ruda System Parts and Assembly examples

By taking a look at the parts, the assembly models and finished pieces of furniture, the system is pretty self explanatory.

Apart from the simple looks and multi-purpose, we love the fact that the pieces are from only one sustainable material (wood), which can be completely recycled after its use. Note also that you don't need any tools to assemble the pieces, it's just about putting them together.


System's parts.

An example of the assembly process.

Want it?

The Ruda System was developed with Easy Home Center (a South American chain similar to Home Depot) and Esperanza S.A. a few years ago with the idea to make it available as do-it-yourself products, but even though it was successfully tested on the production line, it didn't get to serial making.

If you're interested, however, the designer is open to hearing options to produce it. Contact him through his website for more details:

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Ruda System
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