Rubix Transformer Furniture Set Turns Your Living Room Into Dining Room In No Time (Photos)

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set - Photo

Images: Courtesy of Dos Uno Design.

Perfect for small spaces and aiming at the less-is-more approach, Rubix is a transformer-furniture set that can be both a living room lounge and a dining room set up. Designed by Colombian firm Dos Uno Design, the set transforms in no time occupying the same area. Watch it unfold inside.The set is conformed by a table, a chair/sofa-chair and a small bench/sofa.

Seeing the two settings together and the picture above, it's pretty simple how it works: the sofa chair turns over sliding the back-support up, the table's legs unfold to the sides lifting it up, and half of the the sofa's sitting space folds back making it look closer to a bench.

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set As A Living Room - Photo

Set as a living room chill out space.

Rubix Transformer Furniture Set As A Dinning Room - Photo

The pieces as a dining room set.

Dos Uno Design is a design studio based in Bogota, Colombia, run by locally-raised Santiago Restrepo and Israel native Assaf Wexler. This particular project was done in collaboration with Asaf Greenspan from Laser Cut 4.

Check out more of their work at their website.

Are you still wondering why transformer furniture is intelligent and environmentally sound?

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