Rubber Soles Carpet, Trainers Puff + More: Reuse Ideas for Adidas Stuff from Satori

Amazing Reuse Ideas for Adidas Trainers and Materials by Satori Photo

Photos: Satori.

First it was the Chilean students: their designs with Puma trainers were probably not the most practical things, but they sure showed creativity on how to reuse footwear. Now a group of Argentine students from the Satori initiative have come up with some very clever ideas to make use of old trainers, catalogs and fabrics donated by Adidas and some other materials delivered by Natura.

Check the designs and more information on the extended.Satori is a biannual workshop organized by prominent green designer Alejandro Sarmiento and specialized journalist Lujan Cambariere, which aims to encourage responsible thinking in design students.

We've told you about them before when they had their first and second workshops. For their third edition, they experimented with leftovers and discarded materials from sports giant Adidas and Natura, and the students came up with some interesting ideas.

There was a carpet from rubber soles stitched together, a puff from assembled trainers, a coffee table supported by old catalogs, a wall build from old brochures, a lamp from plastic straps, and some accessories from recovered fabrics.

Even if the products are somewhat conceptual, they look great and are inspirational for thinking about new ways of reusing these materials.

Check out the pictures below and find links at the bottom.

Adidas Reused Rubber Soles Carpet Photo

Rubber soles carpet.
Puff from Recovered Adidas Trainers Photo

Puff from trainers.
Table from Reused Magazines Photo

Magazine supported by catalogs.
Wall from Reused Old Catalogs Photo

Wall from brochures.
Wall from Reused Old Catalogs Photo

A wider look on the wall from brochures.
Lamp from Recovered Plastic Straps Photo

Lamp from plastic straps.
Bracelets from Recovered Threads Photo

Bracelets from recovered threads.
Necklaces from Recovered Fabrics Photo

Necklaces from recovered fabrics.

For more information on Satori or the designs shown above, contact Lujan Cambariere trough the workshop's webste.

Satori Lab

Via Barzon Magazine
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