Roots Store Design Goes Eco

We have shopped at Canadian icon Roots since it opened (it was easy- we lived upstairs in the same building). Their stores have always been beautifully designed under the sharp eye of Architect Diane Bald, not bleeding edge but definitely leading edge, just in front of the next trend, much like their clothes. Thus we are happy to report that their latest store has gone green. They have always been treehuggers- according to co-founder Michael Budman: "Roots has always been connected to nature and the great outdoors including being active, healthy and socially aware. In addition to showcasing and selling our products, we also see this store as sending a positive message to our customers about how being green is not a sacrifice but is about change and evolution and a way of thinking." Architect Diane Bald has used a materials pallette right out Treehugger:
"Woodstalk fiberboard has been used as the base-building material for the store's floor and wall fixtures and cabinets. An alternative to medium density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard, Woodstalk fiberboard is made from Canadian wheat straw that would have otherwise found its way into the waste stream.

All the floors in Roots Rosedale and Yoga Studio are made of solid bamboo that has received the EcoLogo certification by the Environmental Choice Program. Bamboo grows naturally, regenerates much faster than lumber trees, requires no replanting and very little fertilization or pesticides.

Multibond is a water-based assembly glue that has been used to secure the store's bamboo flooring to the sub floor. Using water-based adhesives reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds and/or hazardous air pollutants.

Reclaimed wood has been used in the construction of Roots Home tables and accessories available in the store. These are non-virgin, non-forest products salvaged from a number of sources and therefore removed from the waste stream. Roots is also working with the Toronto-based Zerofootprint environmental organization to help neutralize the negative environmental impact of the store's electricity use through a program called Zerofootprint Electricity Offsets."

It is a subtle, elegant and modern store that just feels comfortable, clean and healthy. If the past is any guide, where Roots goes this year the world follows next, which in this case could be a very good thing. ::Roots

we apologise for the lousy Treo pictures and will remember our camera next time.