Room in a Box: You Can Take it With You


We have previously shown the Casulo apartment full of furniture in a box and beds in a box; now the Office for Design and Architecture tosses in the room too. It is a

"modular dwelling system that can be retrofitted to existing spaces. Designed to be an adjustable yet tailored solution, the ROOM consists of three elements: the Pod, the Media Station and the Satellite."

The appearance and arrangement can be adjusted to fit within rooms of all sizes and for users of all ages. It is also made affordable by using simple materials and construction methods that can be dressed up or down according to budget.

It is hard to tell how it all folds up and how transportable it really is, which would be the key to knowing if it is a useful system that increases mobility and flexibility, but I still love the idea of just rolling it in and unfolding a room.

More at ODA Architecture, via Mocoloco

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