RONA Including Product Life Cycle Information in Stores

Product Life Cycle Graphic

Life Cycle Stages According to the RONA Website.

Source: Market Watch. The Canuck version of Home Depot, RONA , has announced its new eco-responsible signage in all of their stores. The new signs will be placed on products that were selected using the life cycle approach
approach adopted by the largest distributor of home renovation and garden supplies.

This includes over 300 various brand name items and RONA's own line called RONA ECO. The brand name items were chosen in collaboration with the experts at the International Chair in Life Cycle Assessment because they have lower environmental impacts in one or more phases of their life cycle, while the RONA ECO products "have a smaller environmental footprint throughout their entire life cycle."

Eco Responsable Indicator Used in Rona Stores - graphic

Eco Responsible Product Indicator to be Used in RONA Stores.

The graphic above will help you identify eco-responsible product choices in RONA stores. Although not an eco-label itself, it will help you find the products that do have certified ecolabels. From there, RONA will then provide further information about the product's life cycle.

The signage provides complete, unbiased information on the environmental characteristics of the different categories of eco-responsible products, outlining why items were selected. Customers can also visit the Rona Eco Websitefor more information on products that qualify as eco-responsible choices and the life cycle approach.

This particular TreeHugger doesn't live in Canada right now, so if you are near a RONA store, please check this out and tell us what you think. Is it effective? Is the information easy to understand? Will you choose RONA over other stores that aren't displaying life cycle information of their products?

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