"Rolling Master Plan" Is Coolest Prize Winner in Competition

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It is often the case that the most interesting and innovative entry in a competition comes in second or third, while the more practical and realistic entry wins. That appears to have happened in a recent competition for the Norwegian town of Åndalsnes, which, according to Designboom, is a huge tourist attraction in summer but is "a relatively monotonous place." You can see the winning entry from Jaja Architects on Designboom here, but the real buzz is around Konrad Milton and Carl Jägnefält's Rolling Master Plan.

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Since tourism is a seasonal thing in AÌŠndalsnes, they designed their entry as a series of rolling buildings that travelled on the existing rail network.

Existing and new rail roads would provide the base for new building that could be rolled back and forth depending on seasons and situations. Amongst other they propose a rolling hotel, a rolling public bath and a rolling concert hall.

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In their press release, the architects sound a bit surprised:

We are really happy that the jury took our proposal seriously, its not only a good proposal which we are very proud of, it ́s also fully doable, says Carl Jägnefält one of the two founders of Jägnefält Milton. The jury was impressed by the Swedes proposals that did not propose new city blocks, public squares, boardwalks etcetera, but instead focused entirely on the existing rail road network and created something unexpected from it.

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