Rogier Martens Builds Store Display System Out Of Old Bottles

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Rogier Martens
is one of those rare designers who blend humour, style and a bit of environmentalism (the late lamented Tobias Wong was probably the master of this).

Martens shares his latest with TreeHugger: a store interior with a display system supported by disposable glass bottles.

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The designer writes:

After visiting a recycling depot Rogier Martens saw that all the perfect glass was being smashed. So he gave himself the assignment to use that glass for another purpose. The Bottle-cabinets.

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The concept consist pure and standardized materials: no tree trunks but plywood, no sand but disposables and deposable glass. The Bottle-Cabinets consist out of plywood which are laminated with desktop Forbo to give it a natural touch. For strength the layers are held together by a strap, which give the cabinet a open look.

rogier martens display system bottles photo halle

The total height of each cabinet depends on the height of the bottles. Every cabinet can get its unique look by changing the bottles, the strap or the desktop colors.The Bottle-Cabinets were part of the GAST GASTGEBER-STORE on the Zollverein area in Essen ( Germany ).

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