Rodrigo Almeida’s Intriguing Use Of Materials Will Get You Thinking About Recycling

Rodrigo Almeida Oxum and Ripa Chairs Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

“Miscegenation is one of the most important aspects of my work. Everything is hybrid and not obvious”. Brazilian designer Rodrigo Almeida’s explanation of his designs is right on the mark, for his chairs and shelving units composed of carefully placed layers of fabrics, ropes, belts, paper and all kinds of unusual materials for furniture is everything but obvious.

In his Africa chair (first below), for example, the young creator sought not to create a chair that looks like a piece from that country, but one that evokes the influence of the African culture in Brazil.

Rodrigo Almeida Africa Chair Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

Rodrigo Almeida Cintur Chair Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

By working with visible structures, Almeida (spotted at Made in Brazil) also intents to create tension between flexible and inflexible materials, a metaphor for the designer’s view of the eclectic culture of his country.

Although most of the materials used by the Sao Paulo born and raised artist are new, his creations (which were present in this awesome recycled kitchen we reviewed last year) make you stop and reconsider the elements around you and how they can be re-signified when in other contexts.

Rodrigo Almeida Arapuca Shelf Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

Rodrigo Almeida Salvador and Bahia Chairs Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

His belt and rope chairs and belt and fabric straps shelves are also great inspiration to re-purpose stuff you may have laying around at home.

Rodrigo Almeida Cintura Shelf Photo© Rodrigo Almeida

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