Rockin' on with Rockwool!

Rockwool Ltd. is a Copenhagen-based insulation company that has been involved in life cycle assessment since 1990. They also make horticultural substrates for germinating plants and hydroponics. This company is doing what we Treehuggers wish all companies would do: they provide LCA data for their plethora of products on both their website and at purchase points. They have 35 operating companies throughout Europe and North America with social responsibility, sustainability, ethical and environmental policies. Their insulation products rely on "trapped air to provide thermal properties, which has neither ozone depleting nor global warming potential." On the Danish lca-center website the Rockwell LCA-expert, Anders Ulf Clausen says,
[LCA] is considered as a product declaration just like when you buy a litre of milk and can see how much fat, how much water and how much calcium the product contains. We have a similar declaration of the building material. We would like to show the costs for energy, impact on the greenhouse effect, acidification, overmanuring and other effects on the environment so the customer himself has the possibility to assess it.

Now if only we could get all companies to follow suit. Check out their website for more information and LCA data. Image credit: Baulinks

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