Rockhill Associates Kansas Longhouse


Architectural Record reviews "elongated houses"- which can grab lots of passive solar gain and are easily cross-ventilated. We like the work of Rockhill Associates:"When we started, we were enamored with the notion of literally coming down and cutting the prairie, moving it aside, putting a house on the exposed ground, and replanting the prairie back on top.".... "The Kansas Longhouse's low-slope green roof has been so successfully colonized by the native prairie grasses that on approach it is nearly invisible. Visitors walking up the long driveway toward it ought to be warned before they embark, "Just keep going, it's back there." ::Rockhill Associates via ::Architectural Record


"The work of Dan Rockhill, his associate, David Sain and their many colleagues and assistants, is modest in scale. Embedded in the vast agricultural landscapes of Kansas and backstreets of Lawrence, it is almost hidden from view. Yet it is work that is significant. It is a testimony to the value of design, the difficulty and arduousness of building and to the importance of the deep-seated potentials of architecture to change and improve the lives of people." Brian Carter, excerpted from his Introduction to the book, Designing & Building Rockhill and Associates