Rocket Condo Built From Surplus Subway Cars


Over the next couple of years the Toronto Transit Commission is replacing a lot of its subway cars. Ryerson School of Interior Design student Heather Borozny notes that people are converting shipping containers into housing, so why not subway cars? After all they are longer and wider and already have windows.


Heather writes:

Rocket Condos was designed for young families, couples, or individuals in their earlier phases of life as a starter condo. By reusing the subway car structure and materials, money otherwise spent on such components could be better focused on creating and maintaining a courtyard which would contribute to the vitality of the community.


Heather's project was the hit of the end of year show at RSID, where I had the honour or being a judge.


It reminds us of: Deptford Project Café by Morag Myerscough

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