Rocco Rocking Horse Teaches Rug Rats About Renewables

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The Greener Gadgets Conference will kick off in New York City later this month. One of the most fun angles of the conference is a competition to choose the greenest gadget concept, with Tweet-a-Watt taking the cake last year. Voting is open to the public, and the current leader in the race is Rocco, a toy rocking horse that teaches kids about energy generation and conservation as they rock.Four Brooklyn designers (Aaron Tsui, Irina Kozlovskaya, Jasen Mehta, and Sergio Silva) conceptualized Rocco as an educational toy that generates power via a magnetic system that shifts forward and back as the toy moves. Rocco's handles contain LEDs that glow brighter as more power is created. Handles are then removable, and can be used as flashlights or nightlights.

Rocco rocking horse image

If Rocco becomes a reality it will doubtlessly join our growing list of green-themed rocking horses.

The Greener Gadgets Conference is going to be a blast, and TreeHugger will be there. In fact, our own green gadget specialist Jaymi Heimbuch will be speaking on one of the many great panels. Even if you can't be there in person, make sure to vote for your favorite green gadget and keep an eye on TreeHugger for fastidious coverage.

Rocco rocking horse image

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