Riot Rebuild: Architects and Construction Professionals Rally To Rebuild

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One often hears the old line "Is there a doctor in the house", but rarely do you hear the same request for an architect. Cameron and Kate raised the profile of the profession around the word with Architecture for Humanity, but back on his home turf, Riot Rebuild has beat him to the punch. Founder Lee Wilshire explains:

I want this site to be a place to start the rebuild, linking destruction with repair and reconstruction, linking problems with the people who can solve them.

Think of it as Guerrilla Gardening for the urban environment.


Riot Cleanup

People are lining up to help, including architects, specialist contractors, interior designers and structural engineers. It is all brand new and there is only one project listed, but it is a great demonstration, along with Riot Cleanup, of how people can put their talent and energy to work.

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