Ridgemont Typologies: the Banality of our Surroundings


Perhaps one of the reasons that change comes slowly is that, like with apples and tomatoes, where we used to have diversity and variety, now everything is the same and we are afraid to change. We no longer understand how anything could be different because everything we live with has become a monoculture.

Photographer Mark Luthringer demonstrates this with his series of "typological arrays", which have an "inherent ability to depict prevalence and repetition make it the perfect technique for examining the excess, redundancy, and meaningless freedom of our current age of consumption". There are arrays of cars, cellphones, signs, house entries (which I find the most interesting, where did that come from?) Ridgemont is his imaginary, ahistorical name for the everysuburb. See them at ::Mark Luthringer or in San Francisco May 31-June 29 at 3A Architecture.. via ::Daily Dose

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