Richard Rogers' Pioneer Homes of the Future


We mentioned Lord Rogers' prefab "flexi-houses" being built with Wimpey earlier; now we get to see the almost finished project. "The homes are constructed from sustainable materials and employ unique features including an ‘EcoHat’ – allowing hot air to be re-used to optimise energy consumption and provide passive solar water heating – as well as layouts which optimise space and light."

::Financial Times via ::Urbanity


judging from the pictures, it appears to be built from a form of structural insulated panel. (see larger here) Details from Roger's office"

"Modern Methods of Construction allow components to be manufactured off-site, either as modules or ‘flat-pack’ for ease of transportation. Not only does this decrease construction times, it also reduces waste and energy used in the transportation of materials to site. Even without the distinctive EcoHat, the Oxley Woods houses represent a reduction of approximately 27 per cent in carbon dioxide emissions, compared with a conventional new-build house of similar size. This reduction rises to almost 40 per cent with the inclusion of the EcoHat, 50 per cent when the EcoHat is attached to a hot water system, and more than 70 per cent if the EcoHat utilises geothermal energy sources through a local bore hole." ::Rogers Stirke Harbour and Partners


The eco-hat houses a low energy ventilation system and can be positioned independently of the house for maximum energy efficiency

The houses are manufactured off-site and the prefabricated panels are then assembled over a two-day period. A muted pallete was chosen for the finish, reflecting the local design vernacular

The large windows in the bedrooms maximise the amount of natural light in each house as well as offering good views across the surrounding streetscene