Reviewed: TREAD's Recycled-Tire Laptop Case


The Green Guy has a review of TREAD's laptop case made from recycled tires (we've mentioned them before). The verdict: while it isn't perfect (if you don't like the smell of rubber, it isn't for you), there's a lot to like about it. The workmanship is top-notch, the design doesn't let on that it's made from old tires, and the heavy-duty materials help insure that it'll be toting your laptop in safety for some time to come. An added bonus, as a result of the materials, is that it's essentially "waterproof" (it made it through a trip under the faucet, though "splashproof" may be more appropriate). The PC version was reviewed, though TREAD also makes Macbook and iPod versions; they're all available directly from their online store. ::TREAD via ::The Green Guy