Reversible Destiny Doesn't Work Out as Planned: Designer Arakawa Dead at 73

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Japanese artist and designer Arakawa (no first name) and his partner Madeline Gins believed that their house could keep them alive and fit. In our post in 2008 she said "It's immoral that people have to die."

Immoral perhaps, but still inevitable; Arakawa died this week at the age of 73.

arakawa reversible destiny house

Ms. Gins tells Fred Bernstein of the New York Times:

"This mortality thing is bad news," Ms. Gins said by phone from her studio on Houston Street. She said she would redouble her efforts to prove that "aging can be outlawed."

Art critic Arthur Danto tells the Times:

"He really felt they were doing the most important kind of work, to overcome death." But, Mr. Danto said, "How that was going to happen was never clear, to anyone outside Madeline and him."

More in the New York Times; See a great slideshow of the house in the Times here

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