Reverse Vending


This writer got trashed for dumping on the Solar Powered Trash Compactor, which we objected to because it didn't recyle. That's why we love this idea of reverse vending machines for recycling which take it in, scan it to determine type of material involved, compacts or shreds it, and can dispense prizes or vouchers as incentives to recycle. "The basic premise behind the concept is that consumers get the ‘feel good factor’ by doing something for the environment in an easy and efficient way. Machines can come fitted with a modem that monitors the success of the machine and can publish recycling statistics. In the future, award schemes could be set up whereby organizations/schools can be recognized and awarded for how much they’ve recycled." The guy going through our blue box every garbage day knows this- separated waste has value and technology like this recovers it. Instead of relying on guilt or conscience it creates a rational incentive to recycle. Not as good as a deposit/return/re-use system but pretty impressive.::Reverse Vending via ::Springwise


The horizontal in-feed system allows the user to insert containers quickly and easily without having to worry about them falling over.

The bottle/can is then automatically rotated; the bottle/can is then scanned by a UPC Scanner, which scans the beverage container's UPC code. Once a container is scanned, identified (matched to database) and determined to be a participating container, it is processed and typically crushed to reduce its size to avoid spillages of liquid and to increase storage capacity. We can use material recognition instead/as well as bar code scanner when needed.

A large number of bottles/cans maybe received prior to the recycler obtaining the voucher. Any foreign objects or unsuitable materials are automatically rejected by the machine.

The recycler then receives a voucher, automatically dispensed by the RVMs, this printed voucher maybe redeemed in store at a supermarket, alternatively used towards the purchase a related incentive product.

The data acquisition capabilities of the machines are second to none, the software allows the data captured of bottle/can type, quantity, brand, to be accessed from a computer anywhere in the Country via an internal ISDN modem.

The data will highlight, quantities received, each hour, each day, each month, type of bottle/brand etc.

The RVM’s are accessible remotely, allowing updates, voucher details, bar code data bases etc to be updated via the internet from anywhere on the globe.

The RVM will also inform the maintenance company of any faults or if the machine requires attention via the internal ISDN modem and inform the operative if the large receptor container require emptying