Reused Paper Waste Bin from 366cm

Even the most waste-conscious among us still have throw some things away. Fortunately, Swiss design company 366cm figured out a way to neutralize some of that trash with its colorful Eco waste paper bin. Each Eco bin is unique, and crafted from reused paper. Since most of us wouldn't want to use such a lovely item as a trash receptacle, it just may inspire us to look harder for ways to reuse and recycle our own paper wastes.

In addition to Eco, the company also makes its Mill├ęsime candle holder out of half of wine bottle (Inhabitat beat us to the punch on this one). And environmentally-conscious smokers (yes, yes, some would say that's a contradiction) can ease their guilt a bit with the Cendrier ashtray, which is made from recycled phone cards. :: 366cm via Ecofriend.