Reuse Community Takes Facebook By Storm - With More to Come

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Repurposing a stove into a high-powered entertainment system might not be to everyone's liking, but we still love reuse—warts and all. When I asked how we identify that fine line between reuse and hoarding, the question seemed to resonate with our readers—who clearly are passionate about the idea of reuse. ("Who could have guessed?", I hear you cry.) Having read the article, Ian Moise contacted me about a Facebook community that is creating a vibrant space for sharing tips and resources for those wanting to give new life to old stuff. And they look set to launch a new global online platform for reuse in the near future.The idea behind Reuse Connection is to create a global online community where individuals, companies and other institutions can share ideas on how to use unwanted stuff, and even connect with others who may take that stuff off their hands.

The details of what the platform will look like are still a little sketchy, and I am not normally keen on posting on projects until they come to fruition—but the huge following that Reuse Connection has built up on Facebook (44,613 'likes' and counting...) tells me that this might just be an online community that actually takes off.

Already on Facebook the group is sharing information on everything from reusing old VW vans to create pool tables, to repurposing old vinyl blinds as plant markers. And the Reuse Connection discussions page also has people asking questions about what to do with old VHS tapes, or how to reuse old coffee bags.

Definitely one to watch out for. But be sure to check yourself to make sure reuse does not become hoarding after all.

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