Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag Cuts Down Single Use Plastic

Green Garmento Reusable Bag 2 photo
Sometimes it is hard to know whether a new product is an actual innovation or just an obvious idea trying to look good.

Such is Green Garmento - a reusable dry cleaning bag - it switches from duffel bag to haul laundry to suit bag to bring home the garments. But will dry cleaners comply? And - do we need more plastic (though it is 100 percent recycled polypropylene) at $10 a bag in order to bring our dry cleaning back and forth? Well, purists will say we should just stop conventional dry cleaning altogether - which isn't remotely green.

Green Garmento As Duffel photo
But when we are looking at 300,000,000 - that's three hundred million - single use plastic bags going into U.S. landfills each year, then perhaps the Green Garmento is a positive transition away from dry cleaning plastic clogging up landfills and endangering wildlife. The Green Garmento bags are hardy and will last for many trip back and forth, hopefully to the greenest dry cleaner (no perchloroethylene), and the bag can double as a duffle when not in use as a suit carrier. Via: Green Garmento
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