Retro Design Looks Good on Sustainable Plywood

alex girrard on board photo

Here's a nice combo: a re-issue of the work of a not-well-known-enough designer with sustainable plywood as the medium. Alexander Girard designed for Herman Miller and was a friend of Charles Eames. A glance at his designs makes one realise that he has been prominent forever, but not recognisable by name.

Columbia Forest Products has teamed up with his estate to bring out a collection of six classic prints on the company's formaldehyde-free hardwood plywood panels. The special technology used in the creation of the panels eliminates toxins often released by composite wood made with resins.

girard design on boards photo

Alexander "Sandro" Girard was born in the United States and studied in England and Italy. He was much influenced by the handicrafts and folk art of Mexico and India. His great inspiration was to bring these motifs, with their vribrant colours and flavour, to Herman Miller's design. They added a touch of colour and whimsy to modern furniture and textile design.

Going way back, he designed the remarkable interior for La Fonda del Sol restaurant in New York City's Time Life Building in 1956 which was astonishing for its period. And in 1965 he redesigned every aesthetic aspect of Braniff Airlines, down to the stationery and sugar packets. Colombia Forest Products
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