Repurposed Stove Turned Into High Power Entertainment System

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Images Credit Tyler Held

TreeHugger loves repurposing, even more than recycling. Artists and designers have the opportunity to challenge us with new ideas, new ways of looking at what we used to throw away. But can one have too much of a good thing?

Designboom writes that Philadelphia designer Tyler Held "focuses on his process of repair and customization. he exposes the renovation of a once discarded object by highlighting functional and aesthetic hybridity." In this case, he creates a hybrid between an old stove and a monster sound system.

tyler held repurposed stove sound system photo front

For his latest project, Cross Culture, Tyler fills an old stove with "PC power supplies, neons, pc fans, Eclipse car audio components; 4 6.5" speakers with tweeters, a 12" subwoofer, 7" single DIN touchscreen cd/dvd/mp3/nav headunit, 4 channel amplifier, and a mono amplifier"

tyler held repurposed stove sound system photo elements

Really, with that much power, you could probably still cook on this thing. And should speakers point straight up?

tyler held repurposed stove sound system photo rear

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