Repurposed: From the Landfill to the Gallery


When we recycle materials like aluminum, plastic or glass, we generally expect that these cans, bottles and other containers will go towards the creation of more cans, bottles and containers. Many in the art world, though, are looking at our refuse and seeing the building blocks of beauty. Starting next Monday, the online exhibit Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials will showcase artistic work literally salvaged from the trash. Sponsoring organization EBSQ is challenging artists to take a second look at the things most of us still discard, and to give them a new life as objets d'art:

This show is about taking things that are destined for the landfill and turning them into art. Yep, we're talking trash here. This is "One man's trash is another man's treasure" on steroids and your challenge for this show is to take what would normally never get a second look, what most people would throw away, and create. It can be anything from a coffee filter to a broken chair. An old, spare wheel or an abused and broken toy. Box tops, cans, scraps of fabric, cd cases, jars, coolers, old oven racks... you get the idea. Anything that has found its way into the dustbin or onto the curb is fair game. What you do with your finds - what other things you combine them with, is entirely up to you and limited only by your imagination.
While the exhibit starts on April 1st, the exhibit will accept entries through the 15th. The show will be juried, and yours truly, on behalf of Treehugger, will choose the winning entry. The winning artist will receive half of the money collected through entry fees (a mere $10/entry); EBSQ will donate the remaining funds to Environmental Defense.

If you're an artist mulling over whether to enter, EBSQ even provides five good reasons to do so on its blog. Let those creative juices flow... and it's fine to look through the neighbor's trash for inspiration... ::Repurposed: Art from Recycled Materials