Rent Stuff: Zilok (Video)

Ever had the urge to ditch the bike and take a spin on a Segway human transporter but didn't want to buy one? How about: you need to limb-up some trees to enjoy the view of the river, but you only do so once a year? It would be foolish to buy your own tree pruner when you could simply rent one -- and from a neighbor at that! The magic of Web 2.0 tech bringing together conservation-minded (and perhaps cheapskate) folks beneath the fold.Wow, a tree pruner that extends to 14 feet only $15 a day? That Segway? $85 dollars a day. Well, maybe you should just rent a car on demand for as little as $2 per hour. In any event, Zilok is a new online service where you can post your own items to rent, or rent from others near you. All transactions are face-to-face and are backed by a contract with a required deposit so you don't have to worry about rented goods being stolen or broken. Each renter sets their own price for their items and Zilok says each tends to rent for about seventeen percent of the original purchase price.

via: Susty | EcoWonk