Renovated Airstream Trailer Showcases Stylish Off-Grid Living

Photos: Y Studio for On the Green Road

An off-grid, mobile lifestyle may be a far-off dream for some of us settled schmucks. But not for Cece Reinhardt and Brenda Daugherty, who realized that dream by getting sponsors to help renovate a 2003 Airstream Safari into an impressive mobile eco-home. The enterprising pair are now taking it on the road to demonstrate how simple, off-grid living can still be stylish. To see how they transformed a ho-hum RV into a green dream, check out the 'before' and 'after':


The eco-credo of the two women (plus a dog and a cat) is to "Conserve. Explore. Inspire":

We are driving towards sustainability one mile at a time. We owned a home. We sold a home. We rented a house that was 1500 s.f. Now we're living in under 200 s.f. We are living on less and living more purposefully.



Spotted over at Jetson Green, this project is titled "On the Green Road" and is essentially a converted 25-foot trailer, powered by solar panels and pulled by a veggie oil-powered diesel truck. Of course, don't forget the composting toilet and rainwater harvester:

In terms of materials, the 200 square-foot renovation has American Clay walls and ceiling, a 500-w solar system from Applied Solar Energy, whole-house filtration by Blue Gold for Life, an eco-friendly mattress from Keetsa, Vida cork planks, natural linoleum flooring, PaperStone countertops, Hardwoods Inc. veneer cabinets from Eco Craft Cabinetry, LEDs from Elemental LED, a Lumicor recycled resin shower door, a Kirei board office desk, and a waterless Nature's Head composting toilet.


Pretty sweet, and inspirational for people who are contemplating the same existential leap. For those who are interested in the full list of modifications, check out this list.

To see more 'before' and 'after' images, track the project's progress, check out the website or follow @greenrvlife on Twitter.

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