RenewAire: Green Building Equipment Goes Green


RenewAire , a Madison, Wisconsin (USA) company which manufactures and markets energy-recovery ventilators, has constructed a green industrial facility and office building: laudable because RenewAire products are commonly used in their customer's green buildings. RenewAire has applied for (LEED) certification for the facility and also is scheduled to be awarded a "Green Globes" from the Green Building Initiative of Portland, Ore. Key green design aspects are detailed after the fold.From the Wisconsin State Journal article "Office partitions are made of corn husks, the drywall was recycled and the carpeting was fashioned from old soda bottles ". "The plant's heating system produces radiant heat.


One of the company's energy-recovery ventilators takes air from a room where employees work with insulation and uses that fiberglass-contaminated air to heat or cool outside air -- depending on the season -- before the fresh air is piped into RenewAire's manufacturing plant. RenewAire estimates the company's energy efficient features save about 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year -- the equivalent of taking 5,000 cars off the road".

Via: The Wisconsin State Journal