reNEWable Times Square: Cool Water, Hot Island


'Cool Water, Hot Island' rendering by Molly Dilworth

This month Time Square is getting a makeover. Brooklyn-based artist Molly Dilworth won the competition reNEWable Times Square to design temporary surface treatments, launched by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). Her project "Cool Water, Hot Island" will refresh and revive the streetscape designs currently at the Times Square pedestrian areas. Dilworth's design is composed of a graphical representation of NASA's infrared satellite data of Manhattan and focuses on the urban heat-island effect, where cities tend to experience warmer temperatures than rural settings. Apart from raising awareness about climate change, the colours also have a cooling effect on the plaza.


'Cool Water, Hot Island' rendering by Molly Dilworth

The design's colour palette of striking blues and light hues reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat--improving the look of these popular pedestrian plazas while making them more comfortable places to sit. The colours and patterns represent water flowing through the centre of Times Square, and they also provide a compelling visual counterpoint to the reds, oranges and yellows of the area's signature marquees and billboards. In an interview with the Hendershot Gallery in Chelsea, Dilworth explained her process during a previous project "Paintings for Satelites", where she used discarded paint to create rooftop paintings for Google Earth :

I have an inclination to work with materials that have had an obvious life before I use them. My work is generally concerned with human perception of current conditions; the Paintings for Satellites are specifically concerned with the effects of the digital on our physical bodies.

The artist will begin her work this month and should be finished by mid-July. ::Molly Dilworth
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