Remnants of the Biosphere: Abandoned and Derelict

biosphere 2 falling apart architecture photo

Three years ago we wrote about Biosphere 2: "It was a glorious idea- build a giant terrarium and see if a self-sustaining microcosm of earth could keep people alive without importing food, water or even air. Constructed in the middle of nowhere in the 80's, the $ 200 million project did not quite worked as planned- the plants did not produce enough oxygen and air was quietly pumped in; crops failed; ants over-ran the joint."

Then the University of Arizona said they would rent it out. Now, Geoff at BLDGBLG shows us the way it is today, with incredible pictures by photographer Noah Sheldon.

biosphere 2 falling apart photo

Geoff writes that the photographer was originally inspired to visit and photograph the site after reading that "suburban sprawl" had come to surround the once-remote research site, which we wrote about in I Don't Wanna Live in Biosphere Estates.

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