Reminder: Vote for Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Awards


Cooper-Hewitt, the intrepid design museum in New York that brought us Design for the Other 90%, among many other excellent projects, is almost ready to crown another People's Design Award winner. We first mentioned this earlier, and by virtue of the "people's" part of the process, lots of cool TreeHugging projects and designs have been submitted by sustainable design fans for consideration in the award process won by Katrina Cottage and Patagonia the past two years.

The top eight nominees are packed with TreeHugger faves, with TOMS shoes leading the pack; they're followed closely by Good magazine, Lifestraw, iPhone, Brush & Rinse and Wattson. With this veritable pantheon of good, green design, picking "the best" is a tall order, and Cooper-Hewitt is leaving it up to you, and you have until tomorrow, Tuesday, October 16, at 6pm EDT, to engage in the democratic process. They'll announce the winners on Thursday, October 18. Go make your voice heard and stay tuned for a closer look at the winning design. ::Cooper-Hewitt People's Design Award 2007 via ::Core77

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